Conserving Yellowstone National Park


The Establishment of Yellowstone National Park


The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone by Thomas Moran

This painting by Thomas Moran was purchased by Congress and hung in the Capitol before Yellowstone was declared as our nation’s first national park.  Yellowstone was seen as a majestic place that was capable of uniting the country under God.  The idea that Yellowstone represented nature in its most pristine state helped lead to its establishment.

Yellowstone National Park was established on March 1, 1872.  Not only was it our country’s first national park, but it was also the world’s first national park.

There have been many different steps taken to try to conserve the nature and beauty of Yellowstone National Park.  Many people might not know all of these conservation processes that have been carried out over the years after Yellowstone’s establishment.  This means that many people are also not aware of some of the negative conservation practices that were utilized in Yellowstone.  Even though there were some negative processes, there are also many positive ones that have helped keep Yellowstone National Park one of our nation’s most iconic landscapes.